Rana Mansour’s new album release September 10th


Conceived and manufactured under Karmandan Productions, Rana Mansour’s anticipated debut album is an assembly of some of her previously released songs – like her original hit “Shohare Pooldar” – and brand new never-heard-before material. Together with husband/producer Erwin Khachikian (creator of the unconventional Persian rock group Karmandan), Rana delivers this full-length and diverse compilation with vocal perfection, power, and poise. The songs were all handpicked by Erwin and Rana (a few even written by Erwin himself) and carefully chosen to match her taste and class. Rana approaches Persian pop with unmatched innovation, dedication, focus, and consistency, setting her apart as an Iranian American female singer and musician. Rana has clearly made her mark in the scene as a leader and a pioneer, and this is just the beginning of what you will hear and see from this entertainer and artist.

تازه ترین آلبوم رعنا منصور مجموعه ایست از آهنگهايی که پیشتر آنرا شنیده اید مانند < شوهر پولدار > و برخی ترانه های جدید که تا کنون پخش نشده اند . تهیه این آلبوم نتیجه همکاری رعنا
و شوهرش اروین خاچکیان ( موًسس راک گروه ایرانی < گروه کارمندان > ) است . شماری از آهنگها ساخته اروین وشماری دیگر وسیله رعنا واروین به گونه ای انتخاب شده اند که با سبک کارهای قبلی رعنا همخوانی داشته باشند . رعنا و اروین به گونه همه کسانی که دست اندر کار خلق کار های هنری هستند منتظر ومشتاق نظرات شمایند .


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