Mohammad Bibak


Mohammad BiBak (Persian: محمد بی باک) is Mohammad-Reza Bahadori (born 1985, Tehran, Iran) – an Iranian rapper. Bibak first began to listen to rap music Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Nas at teen age. The first track of him was “Bi to hicham”. He made it about his father.
Before the Iranian presidential election, 2009, he wrote the song “Moje Mosbat” (“good movement”) for the Green Movement and then, after the Iranian presidential election, 2009 , He wrote the song “Minevisam” (“I’m writing”) to unite the people of Iran, Bibak’s songs include Ali yani… (“Ali means…”), about Imam Ali and his life , and Gele (“the grumble”), about the problems of the life and society problems.


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