Masoud Darvish


As a young adult, Masoud’s favorite hobby was music. Having a passion particularly for singing, he was known to sing locally at youth gatherings. He also formed his very own music band and was soon thereafter selected to join the prestigious yearly Ramsar music conference. He later attended the University of Rasht and taught in the Gilan province for 10 years. In 1988, Masoud moved to the United States, trying his hand in a variety of trades. Over the years however, he realized that he was truly happiest when he was singing. With nothing but passion guiding him, Masoud decided to pursue his dream of becoming a singer and began earnest work on his first professional music album. Assisted by some of Iran’s top composers (Mohamad Heydari and Monoucher Cheshmazer to name a few), Masoud recorded his very first album called “Ghazale Taravat” boasting a combination of danceable beats and romantic songs appealing to all ages. With his dedication and your continued support, Masoud’s dream will not stop here. This CD has been marketed by Taraneh Enterprise, Inc.


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