Benyamin Bahadori

Benyamin Bahadori is an Iranian singer of Persian pop music from Tehran, Iran. His 2006 album 85 was a commercial success within Iran and with the Iranian diaspora abroad.His most famous songs include “Khatereha” (“Memories”, more commonly known as “Donya“), “Loknat” (“Stutter”), and “Adam Ahani” (more commonly known as “Halam Badeh”).

In September 2006, Bahadori traveled to Sweden to have concerts in Tantolunden, Hornstull and Stockholm.

Bahadori is also famous for his religious-themed compositions. Bahadori married Nasim Heshmati in February 2003. His wife died in a car accident in Tehran on 21 December 2013. The couple had a daughter and her name is Baran.

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