Babak Amini

Babak Amini was born in April 1970 in Tehran, Iran. He was always amused by the world of music and his first experience of music was with his mentor and renounced teacher Mr. Shahrokh Partovi which he began at the age of 10 and his style being Flamenco.

He then followed his ambition by the only master of all trades in guitar, Mr. Simon Aivazian. He entered the professional world at the age of 18. His first album was introduced in 1990 and was called ‘Gray Rain’ followed by ‘Blue of the Rain’. He then released his third album, ‘Shadow of My Own’, which had vocals that was based on poets such as Hafez, Molana, Babataher and Nima.

In the midst of his last album, Babak worked on Googoosh’s album (Zoroaster) as this Persian diva’s first released album in more than two decades. Later he composed, arranged, and led Googoosh’s orchestra for a tour around the world. While in tour, he decided to complete his solo album, ‘Magic’, in the US.

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