Bringing matinee idol charisma to the silver screen and concert stage is ANDY, Persia’s legendary music exile   aka “The Prince of Persia” or “The Persian Elvis” in media circles, who has released multiple albums selling in the millions throughout the world with countless Number 1 hits. Voice of America ,The Persian program called the Iranian /Armenian the best artist of the year and Armenian pulse called him the best Armenian international singer of the year. Andy has toured extensively around the world many times over playing some of the globes most prestigious venues, theatres and stadiums. A humanitarian, he has appeared and contributed in many International charitable causes, most recently having recorded “Stand by Me” with Jon Bon Jovi to show solidarity for the people of Iran garnering 7 million hit on youtube . Appearances in feature films have  include DREAMWORKS’  “The House of Sand and Fog” ( Sir Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly) where Andy is featured singing in the film and contributed to the score and he has supported and contributed to several indie films such as “Futbaal”, “The Florist”, and  Guide Company Films  “The Keeper” (The Legend of Omar Khayyam) with Academy Award Winner  Vanessa Redgrave,  in which Andy plays the  governor of the ancient city of Samarkand.  Andy first made his mark on ABC’s 2001 production of the “Princess and the Marine”.

When Andy’s not acting or producing movie scores, Andy’s a musical trailblazer forging a new path that redefines traditional musical borders. He plays to sold-out venues all over the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and the Middle East. His touring schedule regularly includes locales rarely if ever performed in by American–based artists such as Armenia, Uzbekistan, and cities Tashkent,Samarghand , and in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, amongst others, spreading his universal message of love and joy. In the United States, he has played for the last ten years to critical acclaim at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as the prestigious Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and large scale venues in Las Vegas. His music was recently chosen by the JPF “Independent Music” Awards Best Middle Eastern Album and Song for the second year in a row.  In a gala ceremony at Universal Studios, he was named Persian Pop Male Singer of the Decade. For five years in a row he has received the coveted Best Armenian International Singer, Best Armenian World Artist and Best Armenian W

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