Afshin Jafari

Afshin Biografie

Afshin was born on the 6th of May 1978 in Iran.
His family relocated to Tehran when he was seven years old.
The 10 year- old Afshin started to play the guitar and to write his own songs and lyrics.
In 1995, Afshin migrated with his family to Germany (Mannheim) to continue his musical career, since pop music was banned in Iran at the time.
The result was his first CD title “Scent of Rain” released in 1999 on the Iranian US Label “Pars video”.

His second album “Star” was released in 2002, which was the first production with Kostas Karagiozidis. “Star” was published by the big Persian music label “Taraneh Enterprises” (LA/ USA).

In 2004 “Aso Pas” (Dire Strait) was released and quickly became a major worldwide sucess for him. With this album Afshin found his very unique style. A mixture of pop, danke, Hip Hop, and of course Persian and oriental rhythms and melodies with German rap.

The live concerts became a bigger part of Afshin´s carrier as the audiences went stark raving crazy. Afshin played with his live band nearly everywhere in the world: USA (Atlanta, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa), Dubai, UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Briton), Denmark (Copenhagen, Arhus), Sweden (Stockholm, Malmoe, Gothenburg), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), Belgium (Brussels), Austria (Vienna), Australian (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide), New Zeeland (Auckland) Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya), Armenian (Erwin), Cyprus, Tajikistan (Dushanbe) and of course Germany …

With his next albums “Maach (kiss) 2005” and
“The song for x)” 2008, became Afshin a mega star in Iran and broke all sells records.

Afshin´s music is not only about the big topic “love”. Because of this past he also sings about his homeland (Iran) and the political problems.
“Irane Man” is one of Afshin`s favourites and it is a political song about the poor living conditions and the political situation in Iran, and about the people’s readiness even to die for their country.


I love you from the bottom of the ocean of my heart, and until there is sound in my throat so I can shout with, and until my last breath, I will stay in your love, from our common pains and tortures to the sweetness of our w

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